The Big Oak Tree episode 2 Lauren

We heard wailing of a new born baby.”Stay near me penny,”my dad whispered seizing  my hand and holding it tightly.As we approached the room , a doctor looking upset and tiered, shuffled out and whispered something to my quivering  father. His wrinkly face fell and turned as wight as ice as wight as snow. Daddy  picked me up and here is what he said……
Your mother is dead. All hope is lost. We will have to sell our house and move to the country side with your brother and sister Jack and Emma.We need to go. My little star.

Friendship by Lucy

Friendships are very important because  if you have no friends you  will be lonely. Friendships are fun because  you can play games with them. Friends always care for  you when your hurt or feeling sad. With your friends you can play  hopscotch, gynastics and tag. Who are your friends? Remember friends are  an awesome thing to have in  your life. My best friends are Leah, Hollie, Lenna, Molly and Lacey.  I know that whenever I need them they are always there for me just like friends should be. Look after your friends.


The adventurer by olan

One freezing cold day, in the tiny town full of mysteries there was a young stealthy adventurer who was called john. The next day, something strange was going on a valuable idol  had been taken so they left it to john. Maybe the evil mischievous Piper  had struck again and he must of stolen it. So he got everything he needed and set of on a journey to get the idol. seven hours later he got to a ancient jungle but he wasn’t alone. walking casually he heard a fearsome growl suddenly a spoty tiger leaped out of  the army green bush. sprinting and running for his life he ran to a pure white mountain which he gripped onto and climbed up.” few I escaped “. Panted john in relief . climbing and climbing he reached the peak of the mountain there was a cave . He seen the idol but stepped on a pressure plate he grabbed it and ran.

All about wolves by Leve

Did you know wolves are social animals?Did you know they are dogs?If not read on and soon you will know everything  you  need to know  about wolves.

Most wolves have grey fur but some have a black or white coat. They normally have piercing yellow eyes,menacing jaws and a long ragged tail.Although they are very fierce some are afraid of humans! This is not very surprising because many animals are under threat.

Wolves normally live on a diet of different meats. This includes rabbits,deer and many other animals. They always hunt in packs (groups) so they can catch their prey a lot easier.The more wolves there are in one pack the easier. It is to get food.

Wolves normally live in cold places or woods because there is more food in these places. Many more live in the woods because there are  a few people in the cold places they live in. Most packs of wolves usually live far away from each other since  if two packs meet it results in a massive fight. Although sometimes wolves in the same pack will fight if it is the mating season or if they enter each others territory.

Now that you have read this report you will know many things about wolves but beware wolves can be very aggressive and territorial . So if you step into a wolves territory you are doomed!